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4 types of bursaries are available : from EIA , from TALISMAN, from BMBF or from KIT " Programm NUKLEAR"


1) Bursaries in the frame of the Enlargement and Integration Action (EIA) of the European Commission (eligibility is based on nationality):
          http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/index.cfm?id=3080  (Click on ITU to see more info).

          Info on eligible nationalities: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/index.cfm?id=6440  (Consult FAQ for more details).

         To apply for financial support from the Enlargement and Integration Action (flat-rate allowance), the applicant must submit:

  • a short CV and an application letter to JRC-Actinides2013∂ec.europa.eu with the subject: "Application for EIA reimbursement";
  • an abstract via the official ACTINIDES2013 abstract submission procedure on the conference website;


         Application deadline for bursaries: April 22, 2013.

        The decision if the applicant receives the bursary will be made by  May 20th, 2013.


        Successful applicants are required to make a presentation (talk or poster) at the conference. Furthermore, they will be asked to submit further documentation to receive the flat-rate allowance from EIA:

  • bank account form, legal entity form with personal details, passport copy,
  • travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc.),
  • sign a cost statement.


2) Bursaries in the frame of TALISMAN:

There are limited number of travel grants available for students to attend the conference (maximum allocated funding: 1k€ / applicant) provided by the EU FP7 funded project TALISMAN



3) Bursaries from BMBF: 

BMBF logo

There are limited number of bursaries to cover registration costs available for young German researchers kindly provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The conditions are that the researcher be under 35 years of age, present either a poster or give an oral presentation at ACTINIDES2013. Applications should be sent to Professor Petra J. Panak (petra.panak∂kit.edu), including a letter of motivation and short CV with publication list.





4) Bursaries from the KIT's Programm NUKLEAR:

Karsruhe Institute of Technology's Programm NUKLEAR has kindly donated support for young researchers to attend ACTINIDES2013 on a competitive basis. Successful applicants must give a presentation at the conference (poster or oral). Applications (letter of motivation, short CV with publication list and estimate of amount of support needed) should be sent to Prof. Dr. Petra J. Panak (petra.panak∂kit.edu).